​​​Stephan DeBenedetto, Founder
Over the past twenty plus years, Mr. DeBenedetto has worked in the restaurant and hospitality industries.  Before administering accounting systems and financial planning and analysis, Mr. DeBenedetto worked in operations, including the Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach.  His ten years working in operations as a manager and service agent, laid the foundation to be a successful financial manager in the restaurant and hospitality industries. 

For the past ten years, Mr. DeBenedetto has administered accounting systems, and worked in financial planning and analysis, while attaining his MBA.  Before following his entrepreneurial spirit and starting BKB.  Mr. DeBenedetto held Controller positions for a hospitality division and a restaurant group.  His past scope of work includes accounting systems with $260M in revenues, banking relations, financial and operational reporting, risk management, managing purchasing, ERP implementation, budgeting, capital budgets, government and internal audits, and contract and lease negotiations.

Virtual Restaurant Accounting Professionals

​​About Us
BKB is a virtual restaurant accounting solution, comprised of industry accounting professionals.  BKB tailors its set of accounting solutions to meet any restaurant owner's or operator's needs.

BKB uses the newest most comprehensive restaurant management software.  The software is cloud based and integrates with client's POS, vendors, payroll, and banking institution, creating seamless communication and recording of all data.  With BKB's accounting software, clients are one click away from weekly and monthly reports with click through access to details.

Why not inquire into outsourcing your accounting with BKB.  BKB can help improve your accounting, operating and financial reporting, which will provide you with actionable knowledge. Our accounting professionals will be happy to design a solution that’s ideal for your business' continued success.